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WITTCHEN is a prestigious company with almost 30 years of tradition. Its history began with the sale of leather goods. Currently, WITTCHEN has a wide range of products that combine the highest quality. These include handbags from the luxurious Elegance line created from the highest-quality leather, the unique Young line, chic leather and woolen clothing, scarves, hats, gloves, footwear and a wide range of luggage. There are also seasonal collections which are a reflection of the latest trends in fashion, always characterized by a unique design, as well as original colors. It is worth noting that the majority of WITTCHEN products are made by handmade technology. Quality verification takes place during the meticulous tests that each product undergoes. Thanks to this, WITTCHEN products are of the highest quality. All products are signed with the company logo and have a certificate of authenticity. The products and activities of the WITTCHEN brand are appreciated by customers. The company is the winner of many prestigious awards, including: Superbrands 2014/2015, 2015/2016; Service Quality Star 2015, Fashion Excellence of the month, “Your STYLE”, Luxury Brand of the Year, Business Traveler Poland Awards 2015, 2016, Super Product of “Women’s World” 2015 and 2016, Business Gazelles 2016 and many more.