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ECCO is a Danish brand committed to making shoes that follow the foot’s anatomy. This idea, combined with modern technology and design as well as the best shoemaking practices have been the company’s objectives from the moment of its foundation in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy. The brand shares the belief that it is the form that adjusts to the function. Consequently, the foot is treated as the starting point and the main inspiration for ECCO designers who want their collections – women’s, men’s and children’s, to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Every single shoe has to follow the foot’s movements. That’s why all ECCO shoes are light, soft and flexible. Danish origin gives each collection a truly Scandinavian character, enriched with inspirations from the entire world. All shoes are designed in accordance with ECCO’s unique formula which assumes that design should be fashionable and contain unique combinations. Designers draw their inspirations not only from nature but mainly from the originality of Scandinavian design. ECCO shoes are created for the most demanding enthusiasts of high-street, casual and sports fashion, who put the highest-quality materials, details and design on equal level with flexibility and comfort.
With ECCO shoes everyone is bound to feel comfort and satisfaction, no matter where they are and what they do.