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Blow Up Hall 50 50

„Book up, check in, become an artwork” - The Sunday Times

Blow Up Hall 50 50 is an interactive work of art with 22 luxurious rooms of a 5 Star Hotel, a Bar and a Restaurant, all offering a combination of luxury, high tech, the finest design and personal artistic experimentation. Its guests not only experience art but also participate in its creation.

Rafaela Lozano-Hemmer, Blow Up Commission

The name of the complex was inspired by the 1966 British-Italian cult art film Blowup, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. This is also the name of an electronic project around which Blow Up Hall 50 50 was designed – Blow Up Commission by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a Mexican-Canadian artist whose work were formerly displayed at the Venice Biennale and at the Tate Modern in London.
An impressive collection of art makes Blow Up Hall 50 50 an extraordinary destination. Its interiors house Vanessa Beecroft’s monumental photographs VB 52.100 and VB 43.019, Spencer Tunick’s nude installation from San Sebastian, Caio Reisewitz’s photos of the Royal Library of Rio de Janeiro and Patrick Tourneboeuf’s large-scale pictures of the National Archive of Paris. Set in the reception hall of Blow Up 50 50, Sebastian Hempel’s Irrlichter consist of two longitudinal fluorescent lamps which swivel around and project light.

Blow Up Hall 50 50

The design of Blow Up Hall 50 50 reaches beyond architecture as it emerges out of guests’ art experience.
Blow Up Hall 50 50 comes with no reception area and no numbering on its individually-designed rooms. Instead of a key, each guest receives an iPhone to find and open their bedroom doors by means of IT recognition technology. The iPhones are portable pieces of art that allow guests to experience the finest art in and outside Blow Up 50 50.

As a consequence, the hotel’s space is not limited to the physical boundaries of the building and, together with its guests, freely penetrates the urban space of the city. Moreover, loaded with numerous applications for Blow Up’s facilities, cultural events and surrounding areas, the iPhones serve as virtual concierges.

Blow Up Restaurant

In the evening one can relax in our steam room or enjoy a massage. For additional art viewing and shopping, we recommend a visit in Stary Browar 50 50, located in the historic architectural setting of a 19th century brewery and acclaimed as the world’s best shopping centre by the International Council of Shopping Centers in New York.

Those wishing to get a feel for the city, may take a 7-minute walk to the Old Market Square, a lively area around a 16th-century city hall which offers a huge selection of bars, restaurants and cafes.

Blow Up Hall 50 50 was created and founded by Grażyna Kulczyk.

Project 50 50

Together with Stary Browar 50 50 and Art Stations Foundation 50 50, Blow Up Hall50 50 is a part of an umbrella brand called Project 50 50. The Project is an expression of Idea 50 50, constituting the philosophical foundation of all Grażyna Kulczyk’s ventures. Art is the core element of any enterprise supplemented by individual features. The proportion are always 50% art and 50% complementary elements. In Blow Up Hall 50 50 Art is supplemented by Pleasure.