During this year’s discussion panel we will explore the topic of Artificial Intelligence. To the IT department responsible for intelligence – to create models of intelligent behavior and computer programs simulating these behaviors. The term itself was first introduced in 1955 by John McCarthy and concerned machine construction, as well as being closer to human intelligence. Since then, research into artificial intelligence has developed very well. AI practice. The first is based on the creation of computer programs, the implementation of specific functions. The second approach is a symbolic approach to creating „self-learning” structures and programs that are designed to solve tasks and templates for selected „question” classes. Our AFF guests this year, experiments with other fields of study, as well as huge opportunities for us to share. What influence on our daily and professional life are intelligent machines, algorithms, developed computer programs? What is waiting for us in the next 5 years?
PANEL 1 – The Jetsons , Futurism that became past, next step in technology: Ai . Disscusion about what Ai really is and why it became part of our life.

PANEL 2 – Creative industry, Will Ai became our new way of creativity ?

PANEL 3 – Bjork Digital „ Why and How ” ?
 Bjork digital was created and became real
(tech and art point of view)

PANEL 4 – Being in cyber space.