Open University

Why is Geek the New Chic?
Kamila Staryga (Google HQ’s, Singularity University, NASA)

„Wearables“: Fashionable Gadgets or Technologically Enhanced Fashion? [panel discussion]
Steve Vranakis – Creative Director Creative Lab, Google
Lynne Murray – Holition, Director of Digital Research, London College of Fashion
Amallia Agathou – Front Row I/O Program Manager, London College of Fashion

„Omnichannel Retail“ – Mind the Gap between Online and Offline [panel discussion]
Kerstin Schiefelbein (Director Digital & Innovation at Burda International)
Miron Mironiuk (Co-Founder of Cosmose, 8th AFF Director)
Arl Helgason (Early Stage Investor at Dawn Capital, Co-Founder of World on a Hanger)

You are a designer. Not the CEO. 5 Ways to Manage Design Politics
Bradford Shellhammer (Co-Founder of Fab, 8th AFF Curator)

Why fashion brands have to build experiences before selling products?
Manuel Diaz (Karl Lagerfeld Digital Retail Experience, President the agency Emakina)

How This Mom Used The Internet To Build a Global Fashion Brand, Collaborating with Vivienne Westwood and Comme Des Garcons?
Julie Deane (Owner of The Cambridge Satchel Company)

The rise of the new fashion entrepreneur [panel discussion]
Yasmin Razavi (Index Venture)
Maximillian Karie (Head of Special Projects at The Cambridge Satchel Company)
Matthew Drinkwater (Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency, London College of Fashion)

I listen to color
Neil Harbisson (world’s first human cyborg was born with achromatopsia, a condition that only allowed him to see in greyscale. In 2013, Neil had the antenna surgically implanted which now allows him not only to perceive colour as sound but to connect live to the colours that others can see. He believes that this new antenna opens up new communication possibilities that go beyond our traditional senses) –